The Joy of Creation

It’s been a over a year now since I began recording a CD of original kirtan music. Little did I know, when I began, what it would take. For one thing, this process keeps driving me deeper into my practice of chanting and yoga. I can’t imagine how I could have been here without the gifts (and challenges) or my practice.
Life has supported me in so many ways.For one thing, there’s my loyal and incredibly patient production team, and they’ve stayed by me. (Thank you, Lyris, George, and the rest of you!)
For the last few months I’ve spent most of my free time in the recording studio,  but I’ve never been alone. For one thing, I’ve had the help of a talented sound engineer, Daniel Riddle. And then there’s Ben Leinbach, who’s adding his touch. Benjy Wertheimer, Girish, Gina Sala, and Michael Sterling and a big array of gifted kirtan practitioners have added their unique flavor. So far it’s exceeding my wildest expectations about what is possible.
Stay tuned for more….