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A Lockdown Collage

Lockdown Montage

Today’s my birthday. Last night I celebrated with a few close friends and family around a socially distanced bonfire with music, dancing, and community. It felt good to experience a self-made micro-fest, reminiscing on old times while enjoying the grounded nature of these strange new times. And today feels like a good time to reflect… Read more »

Johanna on Dharma Drops Podcast

Johanna Dharma Drops podcast

I had a great conversation with Rebecca Warfield of Dharma Drops Podcast in late August and our episode just went live! We talked about yoga, feminism, integration of the genders through spiritual practice, the idea of a dharma path and what it looks like, the nervous system benefits and differences between powerful/asana practice and subtle… Read more »

Come Share in the Living Heartbeat

Blessings, Beloveds ~ It’s been a busy (and abundant) time. A few weeks ago I returned from singing my heart out at Bhakti Fest. Since then I’ve been preparing for a full-on tour of the West Coast, which just might mean that I’ll be in your community soon. It’s kind of a fall harvest tour for me since I’ll… Read more »