Come Share in the Living Heartbeat

Blessings, Beloveds ~

It’s been a busy (and abundant) time. A few weeks ago I returned from singing my heart out at Bhakti Fest. Since then I’ve been preparing for a full-on tour of the West Coast, which just might mean that I’ll be in your community soon.

It’s kind of a fall harvest tour for me since I’ll be playing and sharing songs and chants from my new CD, Heart Beats One.

I’ll be sharing the joy with with the inspiring Mike Cohen, a leader and teacher from Boulder, Colorado. We’ll be leading kirtan, offering classes and workshops, and singing away stress at Lullaby Yoga.

This Friday night we’ll embark on the journey to spread music and love around the Seattle area. We’ll be at the Laughing Buddha in Mill Creek with Grammy-nominated Jeremy Jones.

Mike and I will work our way down I-5 over the next couple of weeks. I’ll be going solo in the LA area toward the end of the month. That phase of the tour culminates on November 1 in a joint kirtan with Daniel Stewart at Bhakti Yoga Shala, a hot spot for kirtan in the Bhakti world. After that I’ll head North for a few stops on my way back home to Oregon. In San Francisco, we’ll be joined by Ben Leinbach, who did the amazing mixing and played on some tracks of Heart Beats One.

Here’s a quick summary of our tour stops—details are on the Events page and on Facebook.

• Seattle area, October 9
• Hood River, OR area, October 15–18
• Portland, OR, October 17
• Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR, October 21
• Ashland, OR, October 22
• Mt. Shasta, CA, October 23
• San Francisco, CA, October 24
• Los Angeles, CA area, October 29–November 2
• Healdsburg, CA, November 6–7
• Sausalito, CA, November 7
• Corvallis, OR, November 20–21
• Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR, November 27

Yesterday I joined Joni Yung for her podcast Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist to talk about the album, the tour, and this amazing journey into the light. Listen to the show (episode 221) here.


P.S. Thanks for helping me occupy the #1 spot in spiritual music on ReverbNation for the last six months!