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About Shakti United!

Shakti United, a “spiritual Lilith Fair” is heart-child of soul-full songstress Johanna Beekman. It is an international initiative to celebrate Shakti in all her forms, empower the female voice, and heal and support the divine feminine creative force.

Our collective goal is to bring together powerful women deeply rooted in their practices and offerings in their local communities to share events, and to bring modern-day priestesses together to share their incredible voices on a bigger scale. Enabling us to see and support each other and to rise together to our fullest potential. Together, we are healing and elevating the female cultural experience. We are offering Shakti United! events all over the nation beginning this summer, evolving into a sort of traveling “Spiritual Lilith Fair,” where we can all come together as one heart, in one loving song.

Join the Facebook Shakti United! tribe here – a space to empower sisters to share events and to celebrate Shakti in all her forms. All modalities are welcome: kirtan, yoga, meditation, breathwork, or social action supporting the divine feminine creative force.

Benefiting Education for Girls

Mitrata Nepal kids

We can do together what one cannot do alone. We’re donating a portion of every “Shakti United” event or retail sale to Mitrata-Nepal, a small and personal 501c3 organization focused on education for young girls, empowering and supporting them so that they, too, can thrive.

MNFC provides education, medical care, counseling, empowerment programs, housing and other support services. They are committed to helping the children become healthy, educated, economically independent Nepali citizens. All donations from Shakti United! are ear-marked for girls. Check out a video about their work here.

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