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Johanna at Sedona Yoga FestWelcome!

Johanna serves Unity, Center for Spiritual Living, Unitarian, New Thought, and other worship services with service or meditation music, drawing on her background in gospel-infused kirtan, devotional chant, Lullaby Yoga® and relaxation songs, and universal sacred and conscious music. She will also often offer a kirtan and/or workshop on the afternoon or evening before or after the service, depending on what most interests your community. See her full list of offerings here. Yes, she offers her music and workshops for online services!

Below you’ll find up-to-date resources for booking, publicizing, and promoting Johanna events. If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, contact us and we’ll help in any way we can.

Johanna Beekman’s soulful voice opens my heart and lets my Spirit soar.” – Swami Brahmananda

Short Bio

Johanna Beekman, AKA Beekman (E-RYT® 500, YACEP), is a sacred songstress, yogini, and teacher loved for her rich, soulful voice, inspiring conscious music, and unique workshops. Her uplifting music taps into the collective soul with world influences and positive messages in English as well as Mantras & vibrational languages to inspire deep healing and ecstatic unity. Her songs have been nominated in conscious music awards and included in prominent playlists. She’s performed internationally, collaborated with acclaimed musicians and producers, and is well-respected in yoga and interfaith church communities. She created Lullaby Yoga®, Free Your Soul’s Voice, One Heart TV, and Shakti United. For more about Johanna, visit

Offerings List and Longer Bios

See a list of Johanna’s offerings (live events and private video lessons/coaching) and other bios here

Watch the official “Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing” music video:

More details on this fundraising project here


  • Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis)CEO of YogiTunes | Music As Medicine

    Johanna’s presence on the mic, as a teacher, yogini, devotional human being, musician and all around bad ass, helps me melt into a more receptive, humble and serene state... I love that Johanna exists - she is such a bright light and it's certainly worth spending some time learning from her and enjoying her lovely smiles and warm vibes!

  • Dr Eleanor Wells, co-founder of Live Well Studio

    Lullaby Yoga is like eating dessert, it’s just delicious. A special treat for a special evening. My clients and I love being tucked into restorative postures and sung into a sweet dreamlike trance by Johanna. It’s just the best way to spend a Friday night that I can imagine.

  • Lexi Hawks E-RYT 500 & Founder, Longwave Yoga 

    Johanna offers the most divine experience of deep rest and soul-nourishing mantras with Lullaby Yoga. I highly recommend giving yourself or your loved ones the opportunity to be still, receive song, and feel our innate state of peace.

  • Annie Stocker, Two Dog Yoga Proprietress

    Johanna creates a warm and safe and welcoming environment for deep rest. Her clear instructions and lovely soothing voice, spoken, and lyrical lulled me into a sweet nest.

    I felt deeply replenished in my heart center and body at the end. Thank you!

  • Leeza Villagomez, Yoga Den Health Spa Owner

    Johanna’s intention is to make you feel your best, free, loved and relaxed and she does not disappoint. Imagine being serenaded in LOVE... Lullaby Yoga soothed my soul and softened my heart.

  • Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis,) CEO of YogiTunes | Music As Medicine

    Johanna’s presence on the mic, as a teacher, yogini, devotional human being, musician and all around bad ass, helps me melt into a more receptive, humble and serene state.  My time spent with her enjoying Lullaby Yoga was very healing, nourishing, replenishing and vitalizing.  I find her approach to artfully combining music and yoga encourages my nervous system to let go deeply, surrender into my breath and soften my entire being. 

    It’s like combining the best things about being an infant, with the mystery and wisdom of adulthood…

    For anyone considering this journey into Lullaby Yoga, I would say it’s the bomb and you should most definitely do it without hesitation! Totally worth it. 

    I love that Johanna exists - she is such a bright light and certainly worth spending some time learning from her and enjoying her lovely smiles and warm vibes 🙂 ~!

  • YouTube Commentors

    Beautiful! . . . Wow, absolutely amazing!!

  • Michael Plewa, YouTube viewer

    ????????❤ from the Lover to Beloved is All Love ???????????? Thank you Johanna and Mikey

  • Laura Mason, YouTube viewer
    This is very beautiful musically , spiritually and visually. Thank-you Johanna and Mikey!
  • Patricia Gail, Insight Timer reviewer

    ✨????????????‍♀️Beautiful, energizing music to start the day. It’s woken me up and gotten me moving! ????????????????????Thank you. ✨

  • Maureen, Insight Timer Reviewer

    I really enjoyed hearing the song in English. I found it very energizing in my heart chakra and overall a great way to start the day. Thank you.

  • Gen, Insight Timer Reviewer

    From my heart and soul I just wanted to thank you for this incredible creation. ♡ It is my favourite and has moved and shifted me in the most beautiful ways. It really speaks to my highest self and I am so grateful. Thank yo.

  • Pa(Tree)cia, Insight Timer Reviewer

    ✨????????????‍♀️Beautiful, energizing music to start the day. It’s woken me up and gotten me moving! ????????????????????Thank you. ✨

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    “Smooth and Peaceful” . . . “Love it, thanks for such amazing chanting!” . . . "Magnifique" . . . "Hermoso!!" . . . "Lindo!????" . . . "Maravilloso, me encantó" . . . "Me encantaría que compartieran la letra completa, desde el principio para poder cantar bien este mantra. Namaste ????✨❤"

  • Isabel, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Produce Una Sensación de paz muy profunda

  • Rebecca, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Liquid Bliss!! Thank You!

  • David, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Beautiful, Soothing, Centering, Grounding. Thank you!

  • Rob, Insight Timer Reviewer

    A transcendent experience. The unique arrangement combined with ethereal harmonies and an ancient mantra blend to create a perfect opportunity to ground yourself at the beginning of your meditation or to seal the meditation when you finish. I listen to this every day, Om Shanti - Peace/ Rob

  • Rev. Jill McAllister, UU Fellowship of Corvallis
    Johanna Beekman, who grew up in the UU Fellowship of Corvallis, has brought beautiful music from kirtan and other traditions to many of our Sunday services over several years.  Now, thankfully, she's supporting our online services as well!  Her presence, her strong and calming voice, her centering music and chants are a beautiful and helpful addition to our Zoom gatherings.  She can help and support you as well, and easily.  If you're looking for great service music, particularly for these hard times, invite Johanna to help you.
  • Sommer Joy Ramer, SINE Network Co-Founder

    Your music is part of the daily medicine, especially ????????✨The Earth Beneath Me✨????????

  • Jagatambe Narayani, Sri Sakthi Amma’s assistant

    We have shared the beautiful track far and wide among the community’s and all are loving it! ???????? Amma’s blessings. What a gift to the world.

  • Cristina Powers, YouTube subscriber
    Beautifully done. Om Namo Narayani ????????????
  • Prasanna Govindarajan, YouTube follower

    We are the disease. We have forgotten our place in the great balance. Mother is just gently reminding us who is in charge and that we should keep our ego in check. ????. Thank you for doing this. ????????

  • Deb A. Rina, A Heart As Wide as the World

    Absolutely beautiful...this mantra has taken up residence in my heart and is on continual loop... many blessings to you and everyone involved.

  • Craig O’Hare, kirtan connoisseur

    Johanna: I attended…. more accurately fully experienced last night's Mantra Sangha and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and how incredibly nurturing for me it was. As with most of us, I've been struggling with the realities of COVID isolation and felt so much better being a part of last night and carrying that warmth into today. Thank you for all you bring to the world. Namaste.

  • Nina Rao, kirtan leader, Krishna Das’ manager

    The chant has been going around in my mind since we recorded... Thanks for including me. Love. Sita Ram.

  • Kamini Natarajan, Indian classical music teacher & recording artist

    Dear Johanna, this is incredible! Thank you so much for this amazing healing mantra track that you inspired and created.

  • Myriam Turenne, yoga teacher and recording artist

    Wow, Johanna, this is incredible. I just watched the video and I have goosebumps everywhere! So beautiful and such an honour to be a part of it. I feel blessed, really. Bravo. Helping and bringing people together, it’s all that we need right now. I will share it for sure with all the community here in Quebec to help support the Children in Nepal. ????❤️❤️????

  • Malini Taneja, classical Indian dancer, singer, performing artist

    Such an amazing offering and so grateful to be a part of it and be able to dance for Kali ma. Thank you Johanna and team for bringing us together. This is what the world needs. And it’s so great that these beautiful kids and teachers/medical aid givers are being supported.

    Much love and so much gratitude. Hare Krishna ????????

  • Noelle Whittington, E-RYT 500, YACEP, kirtan singer

    This is absolutely beautiful and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for honoring the lineage and bringing us all together in such a beautiful way. It brings me great joy to see the healing work already begin. Thank you for including me, and thank you all for your time and talent - benefiting children's welfare and education is close to my heart and I am proud to see that so many of you who I look up to share the same values.

    Blessings and deep gratitude.

  • Ragani, kirtan singer, yoga teacher, & recording artist

    Holy moly, Johana! I'm in total awe of the incredible time and energy and devotion that you brought into this powerful project, and  WOW!!! It's all just amazing to see and hear!!! I'm really inspired by your organized energy and talents and for bringing so many of us together -- thank you so much for including me and for being such a bright light at this time in the world.

I 'm deeply touched by this offering in support of the children who are at Mitrata in Nepal. May this song and it's funds fly to the moon and beyond! I am so inspired for all that you have created here, Johanna... beautifully done!!!

  • Kavita Kat Macmillan, Open Heart Kirtan, teacher, singer

    Johana you are a force of life!!  Your energy, enthusiasm and spirit are contagious and so needed during these crazy times.
    Gratitude for this project and your devotion to the practice, the music and the children at Mitrata in Nepal.
    Thank you for bringing us all together and creating this message of hope and unity.
    It is a joy to be included in your vision!!

  • Aakansha Maheshwari, Bollypop (LA)

    I just finished watching the whole video -  WOW!  Speechless!
    The first time I heard the track, I felt the energy! And now after watching the video of everyone coming together - it's nothing but pure magic! Loved seeing the Mitrata kids from Nepal as well. They are adorable..

    Thank you Johanna for having me be a part of this incredible project and it is an honor to share the screen with all you lovely souls! I am really looking forward to sharing this with my family and friends once it's out. Sending big hugs to each one of you. I haven't heard or seen anything like this during the quarantine. So amazing to dance with my dear Malini 🙂


  • Sianna Sherman, Rasa Yoga

    Such an epic honor to be part of this with you! Thank you for your tremendous heart and vision ????

  • Michael J. Downey, kirtan artist

    In a world needing healing, and hungry for nourishment in mind, body, and spirit, it's been difficult for so many. That's why a song and video like this is so right on time, and amazing that it got done at all. Hats off and deep bows to Johanna, who manifested this song 6 months ago, rallied her resources to bring together the sangha to record the song and make this amazing, inspired video for us. With Girish, Krishna Das, Gina Salá, Nina Rao, Ragani, Karen Seva, Hans Christian, Ben Leinbach, and so many others. Please, enjoy the video and add the song to your playlist ????????????

  • Ben Leinbach, Grammy-nominated Producer, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist

    Hanging out and working on music with Johanna is always a kick. She's a fired up individual who brings great passion to her music. Mantra Soul is a sweet collection of jams - soulful, grooving, and at times rocking out. I recorded the majority of these tracks, and produced, mixed, and mastered the project. We also did some co-writing together on a few of the songs.

  • Lloyd Barde, Artist Promotion, Festival and Event Production

    Really enjoying your new CD!  Evolving and reaching high to the sky!!

  • Hans Christian, Composer, Recording Engineer, and Producer

    I have yet to hear a track from Johanna that hasn’t moved me deeply. There’s something about her singing that reaches deep into my musical soul. She has a true gift.

  • Hans Christian, Composer, Recording Engineer, and Producer

    To have worked with Johanna in the studio and on stage has been a complete blessing. Her singing and musical instinct always catches my ears, and her musical partnership with Ben Leinbach has enriched our lives with some really beautiful recordings. She is quite extraordinary!

  • Mark Kelso, music producer, former Narada/Virgin/EMI recording artist

    Mantra Soul is a masterful fusion of gospel, chant, and world music in a delectable package of pure soul.
    Johanna leaves us both satisfied and wanting more, which is why endless repeat was invented.

  • Sherrie Howard, International Kirtan Artist and Kripalu Center Yoga Faculty

    Johanna Beekman’s beautiful new album, Mantra Soul, is a stunning and soulful infusion of Mantra and Gospel. Through her immense talent and luscious voice, Johanna’s album enraptures me in its powerful energy, makes me want to dance and sing, and leaves me feeling positive and upbeat.  This album is a MUST have!

  • Julia Djeke, yoga teacher and writer for Elephant Journal


  • Sahadev, Producer & Engineer, CA

    Rich flowing layers of beauty and rhythm inspire throughout these fresh brilliant compositions plus creative new arrangements of well known and loved sacred songs. From soul and gospel to dance grooves. From soaring vocals to soothing intimate moments. A bold expression of Spirit and Heart. It is a true blessing.

  • Michael J Downey, recording artist, producer, musician, devotee 

    The new album, Mantra Soul, takes us to new heights. Just what we needed right now ????

  • Gary Goldberg, WRPI Radio, NY

    Johanna Beekman’s brand new album, Mantra Soul, is soulful and deep. Johanna's voice soars through the 7 selections. She sings mantra and English words that take us on a journey through the heart. I felt deeply when I heard "Heart Beats One" and again with "Beyond Love." Feeling the same with "Mantra Soul." She is also aided by Ben Leinbach and Hans Christian. Hear it for yourself from beginning to end and let the sound waves wash through and sooth your soul.

  • Nancy Rosenberger
    Johanna gives a good performance and brings everyone into it effectively, while highlighting and contributing her strong talent. . . . What I liked about Johanna's show is that it was never static. There was repetition which makes for meditative participation, but she is always adding interesting improv above or below the main lines. Also I love when she gives us a heartfelt break of a gospel song, which is so familiar to us. So strong. She manages to compose wonderfully succinct and right-on English phrases that really sink in as well.  Bravo for her.
  • Marisa
    It was wonderful to . . . participate in the yoga class along with your nourishing angelic voice and music. Your CD's have been close to my heart. I have listened daily for a month now 🙂
  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    That is so beautiful on so many levels. Thank you so much. My heart beats one. . . . Sooooo peaceful... thank you! . . . Peaceful and relaxing, perfect mindfulness on your way to work. . . . It was so beautiful and touching! It's now one of my favorites! . . . Beautiful, relaxing and loved every aspect of it! . . . Loving, peaceful and inspiring. . . . I feel the love ❤️

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    A beautiful audio clip of the heavens!! It brought tears to my eyes!!???????? . . . Gentle, calming melody and chant . . . Beautiful for morning movement and dance . . . Love the Om resonance ❤️ . . . Lovely chant. Great hypnotic melody.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Freeing and uplifting . . . One of my new favorites ..????. Namaste...???? . . . Loved the music, the song was easy to get lost in. . . . I could Hear and Feel the LOVE offered through your beautiful vocals and music . . . So beautiful it made me emotional . . . I can feel the love within me expanding and washing away past hurts. . . .

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Wow!!! Heavenly! I WILL be revisiting here!! . . . Inspiring and wonderful! . . . Very beautiful & calming!! . . . I like the easy flow of this piece! . . . Soothing to my soul but so very uplifting and rejuvenating. I feel energized an ready for my day . . . Oh My! This is wonderful! I love it. You can Feel the clearing and then great sense of refreshment to the spirit.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    I loved it! Put a smile on my face is was so good! . . . So uplifting, dispels all the inner dark clouds . . . Very beautiful way to start my day. Thank you for producing something so wonderful. . . . Absolutely loved this. Loved the way this built up momentum and then quietened down at the end. Perfect! ????

  • Insight Timer Reviews

    Beautiful words, tone, voice, feel. I was swept away. Thank you. . . . Wonderful deep rhythm and melodious chanting . . . Lovely chant and evocative of nomadic North African tribes . . . So moving; Truly magnificent . . .

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Beautiful and relaxing . . . I will never tire of this beautiful chant. . . . Exquisite . . . Beautiful music, beautiful message ????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    A beautiful song with a beautiful message of remembrance . . . So, so beautiful. Just an amazing, luxurious musical journey . . . Beyond words beautiful ❤️ . . . Amazing! And so powerful!

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Loving these tracks . . . Exhilarating!!! . . . A journey to my heart and soul . . . Beautiful music to meditate to . . . Stunning ????????????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    So beautiful it made me emotional . . . I can feel the love within me expanding and washing away past hurts. . . . Loved this, it's my favourite chant . . .  A beautiful audio clip of the heavens!! It brought tears to my eyes!! ????????

  • Ben Leinbach, Grammy-nominated producer, composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist

    I’ve been working in the studio andJohanna with Ben Leinbach performing with Johanna Beekman for several years now. She is a fantastic singer and great songwriter. I mixed her album “Heart Beats One”, and produced, recorded and mixed her album “Beyond Love”. We are currently working on another album of groovy, uplifting jams. Please check out her fundraising video below and donate to help bring this album into the world. Thank you!!!

  • Kelly Luschombe Bea, Kirtan Singer

    What an exhilarating experience to be part of this magic carpet ride of fire and love! Johanna Beekman brings in such passion and beauty... Love her soul, Shakti, harmonies and wild abandon! She takes us all There!

  • Ben Leinbach, Award-winning producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist

    This album is a super sweet collection of soulful, soothing songs. Sorry about the alliteration. Johanna's voice is rich and her singing impassioned. The songs are inviting, moving, and deep. I produced, recorded, and mixed this album. Johanna and I did some co-writing on a few of the tracks as well.

  • Johanna, your beautiful album "Beyond Love" arrived yesterday, and I am thrilled to include this fine musical work in the Astreaux World Radio streams, and to present it in some special one hour programs heard on affiliate stations as well. Thank you for sharing this with me!

  • Lin Lungta

    I beyond love your new CD.

  • Shayne Locke

    Johanna “is making . . . an impact with her own brand of Lullaby Yoga. Johanna Beekman is a Kirtan artist whose new album, Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul ventures deeper into the heart space beyond love.”

  • Wah!

    Thank you for the beautiful album!  It is a beautiful achievement, and a lovely mix of styles. . . . I’m sure many people will benefit from listening and chanting to your album.

  • Leanne Wood, Miss Bliss Bubble Radio

    This week on Bliss Bubble Radio, I'm featuring music from the just-released Beyond Love, by Johanna Beekman.  is filled with blissful goodness sure to create a sonic landscape of deep connection to all that is Divine within and beyond.

  • Allison Sobel, master yoga teacher

    Thank you Johanna. It's a magical, musical experience that dives “BEYOND LOVE” into the Great Radiant Heart <3 It's SO GOOD! A must for any student or teacher of yoga, meditation, kirtan, and music lover. . . . Can't wait to play this CD in this week's classes. Bravo!

  • Sharon Randall

    I am so enjoying your new album. My heart was broken open with a deep healing . . . Thank you for bringing this love to us all.

  • Carolyn Adair Bechtold

    I am loving the album, Heart Beats One . . . it was remarkable. Thank you for the love and light you share and generate. It profoundly effects me.

  • Hans Christian, musician and producer

    Johanna blesses us again! This new album is a perfect follow-up to her stunning Heart Beats One. When Johanna sings, we listen and we get inspired by her sublime voice and delicious musicality. Beyond Love is irresistible!

  • Shanti Shivani, Indian Classical Singer

    I really love your Heart Beats One CD. My favorite chant is Hallelujah Govinda. It sings in my body at night, if I listened to it during the day.

  • Swami Brahmananda

    Johanna Beekman's soulful voice opens my heart and lets my Spirit soar.

  • RhiannonVocalist and Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music

    Johanna uses her rich, vibrant voice like wings, telling us the stories from the depth of her soul.... She is a gem.

  • Suzannah Doyle, Composer and Performer

    Johanna writes and performs deep, emotional, flowing music that touches the heart.

  • Kia MillerInternationally Acclaimed Yoga Instructor, Radiant Body Yoga

    Johanna's music was sublime.... She is such a bright light.

  • Swami Mahat-tattva Dasa

    I found the music to be soothing… pleasantly grounding.... Overall the blend of western and eastern music is tastefully done.

  • RhiannonVocalist, Recording Artist, and Associate Professor of Music at Berklee College of Music

    Johanna uses her rich, vibrant voice like wings, telling us the stories from the depth of her soul.... She is a gem.

  • Mina CarsonCo-author, Girls Rock: 50 Years of Women in Rock and Roll

    Johanna delivers her heartfelt songs with passion and profound musicianship. She has a stunning stylistic range and a voice that never quits.

  • Ben LeinbachAward-winning producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist

    Johanna's music has depth, passion, power, and great messages.

  • Miranda KnoxMaster Yoga Instructor

    The new CD is AWESOME! I love it.  She/everyone nailed it 🙂

  • Toby Pomeroy

    The Heart Beats One album is amazing, beautiful, touching… incredibly well done!!

  • Tom RobinsonMarketing Manager, Breitenbush Hot Springs

    [Heart Beats One is] a wonderful piece of work.

  • Sara IvanhoeInternationally Acclaimed Yoga Instructor

    An amazing voice!

  • Daniel StewartKirtan Artist and Owner, Rising Lotus, Sherman Oaks, CA

    Singing with Johanna Beekman was the highlight of my Pranafest experience!

  • Brenda PatoineThe Bhakti Beat

    Heart Beats One is a gem of a first offering from this Northwest bhakti yogini. Thank you for the sweet offering and lovely album.

  • Sid Rosenguitarist and kirtan artist

    I just finished listening to Johanna’s beautiful new CD Heart Beats One, and feel like I’ve returned from a trip across the galaxy. She creates such a consistently compelling devotional mood with so many talented musicians… the CD is so skillfully recorded, mixed and mastered… it will no doubt reside on peoples’ playlists next to Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur and Gina Sala.

  • David Newman (Durga Das)kirtan artist

    Heart Beats One is a mystical brew full of love, beauty, and devotion. Dive into delight in a rich and magical mantra music adventure!

  • Benjy Wertheimerkirtan artist

    Heart Beats One is a sweet, beautiful, and sincere offering…. It has many truly magical moments, and wonderful performances by a wide range of artists that I also love.

  • Johanna has delivered a stellar, timeless, amazing new album expanding the genre of kirtan music with hypnotic rhythms, gorgeous vocal melodies, dreamy soundscapes, and an all-star cast of guest performers.

  • Hans Christianmusician and producer

    Johanna’s voice bursts with love and passion on her new CD Heart Beats One. She is a stellar singer with a deep commitment to healing and spiritual transformation.

  • Judith Dahnmaster yoga instructor

    This is an extraordinary CD. I can’t stop listening to it. Each time I listen I hear more. When I am not listening to it, the songs fill my mind and comfort me. Johanna sings from a depth of heart that invokes a deeper and deeper journey on a sacred vibration. I love, love, love this work of art. It is a gem. A must hear. Bravo! Bravo!

  • Johanna’s debut, Heart Beats One, is stunning.... Johanna is blessed with a clear voice and vision along with abundant creativity.

  • I love hearing and playing "Heart Beats One" on my radio shows. Every song is goes deep into my heart.... Honestly, I can't praise it enough.


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Johanna’s Resume

Johanna Beekman resume


Johanna performing at the Unitarian Universalist online service, October 2020:

Johanna service music

Johanna performing “Heart Beats One” at the Center for Spiritual Living, Las Vegas in 2018:

Johanna’s song “Free to Decide” (often used in church services), performed by the Singing Out choir:

See more videos here

Preview a Song from the Upcoming Album, Spirit Song Soul

Listen to Johanna’s Conscious Music Albums


Johanna’s voice bursts with love and passion on her new CD Heart Beats One. She is a stellar singer with a deep commitment to healing and spiritual transformation.

— Hans Christian, musician and producer


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