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Johanna with Ben Leinbach

“I’ve been working in the studio and performing with Johanna Beekman for several years now. She is a fantastic singer and great songwriter. I mixed her album “Heart Beats One”, and produced, recorded and mixed her album “Beyond Love”. We are currently working on another album of groovy, uplifting jams. Please check out her fundraising video below and donate to help bring this album into the world. Thank you!!!” – Ben Leinbach, Grammy-nominated producer, composer, engineer, multi-instrumentalist

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Mantra Soul now available
Spirit Song Soul and Mantra Soul albums

UPDATE: The first album in this project, Mantra Soul, is now available! You can order it here.

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Hi, I’m Johanna Beekman. In the last few years, with a lot of help from my friends, I’ve released two albums of inspirational music in sacred languages. These albums, which feature many of our favorite conscious music artists, have earned international awards, glowing reviews, and powerful personal healing stories from students and fans.

Heart Beats One, drawing from the traditions of yoga, has become my best-selling album. Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul, was inspired by the restorative Lullaby Yoga™ classes with live music that I lead across the country; many people use it as a soundtrack for personal healing.

I’ve been inspired by the open hearts I’ve encountered as I travel across the country singing these songs and chants and leading my Lullaby Yoga classes.

That inspiration has transformed into two exciting new album projects:

The first features new mantra music I’ve shared at festivals, churches, and studios across the country but haven’t released yet in recorded form. It will have the same heart-centered quality as my last two albums while fusing east and west with my soulful gospel stylings in Sanskrit and other sacred languages. Update: this album is now available digitally and due out soon on CD – check it out here!

The second will reach into the broader world of universal devotional conscious music. It will include inspirational tracks including the new theme song for my Shakti United organization dedicated to empowering women and girls around the world. Proceeds from this track will benefit Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children!

They are both produced by award-winning producer Ben Leinbach and feature an amazingly talented collection of musicians.

To complete this project we need your help. We’ve already done much of the writing and recording, but we need an additional $25,000 to finish the recording, mixing, mastering, graphic design, duplication, featured artists and more. Here’s how you can help: pre-order the albums and gifts like T shirts, signed albums, private sessions, live concerts, gift baskets, even your own custom track (or head over here or to Paypal if you’d just like to make a donation). Share it with your friends. Spread the word.

When we work together on projects like these, our hearts truly beat as one.

From the bottom of my heart to yours, thank you. Our Hearts truly do Beat as One.

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Butterfly wings and sun photo by Alan Alcid, graphic design by River Ananda

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