Heart Beats One (Feel the Heartbeat)

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In times we’re encouraged to stay apart, it’s important to remember the universal heartbeat, song, and sound that connects us no matter where we are. When we sing together, we breathe together. When we breathe together, our heartbeats become synchronized.

This English mantra universal remix, “Heart Beats One (Feel the Heartbeat)” unifies our hearts and spirits in uncertain times and beyond. A large cast of conscious musicians and spiritual practitioners join together on this track, their hearts beating as one. Stay tuned for a music video featuring people from all over the world singing along.

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In our short sweet lives we’re all searching for the light—
The same light that makes trees thrive.
Our roots go down, branches reach to the sky.
I know inside that you and I
Share the same heart, the same soul,
The same love, and I know

My heart beats one,
your heart beats one,
this heart beats one,
our hearts beat as one.

Feel the heartbeat, be the heartbeat
Share the heartbeat of the world


Vocals by Johanna, Girish, and the Bhakti Tribe
Cello: Hans Christian, Rebecca Reese
Lead guitar: Bibi McGill
Lap steel guitar: Paul Brainard
Acoustic and electric guitars: Jesse Stern
Hammond and Rhodes keys, harmonium: Gershone Hendelberg
Trap set and electronics: Daniel Riddle
Synths and electronics: Ben Leinbach
Djembe: George Beekman