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Heart Beats One front cover

Soulful Interpretations of Sacred Chants featuring guest performances by Ben Leinbach, Girish, Gina Sala, Benjy Wertheimer, Hans Christian, Jaya Lakshmi, Ananda, Bibi McGill, Daniel Paul, Vince McClellan, Ankush Vimwala, and more luminaries of the global kirtan community.

Heart Beats One is Johanna’s critically acclaimed album of original kirtan music—devotional music with roots in the traditions of yoga. Many of these strikingly beautiful songs interweave mantras and chants from other cultures with English translations. All of them tap deeply into our shared heart space.

The album, which was nominated as one of the top Conscious Music Albums of 2015 by Soul Traveller Radio, has been widely praised by reviewers, musicians, and other enthusiastic listeners:

  • Maureen, Insight Timer Reviewer

    I really enjoyed hearing the song in English. I found it very energizing in my heart chakra and overall a great way to start the day. Thank you.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    “Smooth and Peaceful” . . . “Love it, thanks for such amazing chanting!” . . . "Magnifique" . . . "Hermoso!!" . . . "Lindo!????" . . . "Maravilloso, me encantó" . . . "Me encantaría que compartieran la letra completa, desde el principio para poder cantar bien este mantra. Namaste ????✨❤"

  • Rob, Insight Timer Reviewer

    A transcendent experience. The unique arrangement combined with ethereal harmonies and an ancient mantra blend to create a perfect opportunity to ground yourself at the beginning of your meditation or to seal the meditation when you finish. I listen to this every day, Om Shanti - Peace/ Rob

  • Marisa
    It was wonderful to . . . participate in the yoga class along with your nourishing angelic voice and music. Your CD's have been close to my heart. I have listened daily for a month now 🙂
  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    That is so beautiful on so many levels. Thank you so much. My heart beats one. . . . Sooooo peaceful... thank you! . . . Peaceful and relaxing, perfect mindfulness on your way to work. . . . It was so beautiful and touching! It's now one of my favorites! . . . Beautiful, relaxing and loved every aspect of it! . . . Loving, peaceful and inspiring. . . . I feel the love ❤️

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Wow!!! Heavenly! I WILL be revisiting here!! . . . Inspiring and wonderful! . . . Very beautiful & calming!! . . . I like the easy flow of this piece! . . . Soothing to my soul but so very uplifting and rejuvenating. I feel energized an ready for my day . . . Oh My! This is wonderful! I love it. You can Feel the clearing and then great sense of refreshment to the spirit.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    I loved it! Put a smile on my face is was so good! . . . So uplifting, dispels all the inner dark clouds . . . Very beautiful way to start my day. Thank you for producing something so wonderful. . . . Absolutely loved this. Loved the way this built up momentum and then quietened down at the end. Perfect! ????

  • Insight Timer Reviews

    Beautiful words, tone, voice, feel. I was swept away. Thank you. . . . Wonderful deep rhythm and melodious chanting . . . Lovely chant and evocative of nomadic North African tribes . . . So moving; Truly magnificent . . .

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Beautiful and relaxing . . . I will never tire of this beautiful chant. . . . Exquisite . . . Beautiful music, beautiful message ????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    A beautiful song with a beautiful message of remembrance . . . So, so beautiful. Just an amazing, luxurious musical journey . . . Beyond words beautiful ❤️ . . . Amazing! And so powerful!

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Loving these tracks . . . Exhilarating!!! . . . A journey to my heart and soul . . . Beautiful music to meditate to . . . Stunning ????????????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    So beautiful it made me emotional . . . I can feel the love within me expanding and washing away past hurts. . . . Loved this, it's my favourite chant . . .  A beautiful audio clip of the heavens!! It brought tears to my eyes!! ????????

  • Shanti Shivani, Indian Classical Singer

    I really love your Heart Beats One CD. My favorite chant is Hallelujah Govinda. It sings in my body at night, if I listened to it during the day.

  • Swami Mahat-tattva Dasa

    I found the music to be soothing… pleasantly grounding.... Overall the blend of western and eastern music is tastefully done.

  • Ben LeinbachAward-winning producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist

    Johanna's music has depth, passion, power, and great messages.

  • Miranda KnoxMaster Yoga Instructor

    The new CD is AWESOME! I love it.  She/everyone nailed it 🙂

  • Toby Pomeroy

    The Heart Beats One album is amazing, beautiful, touching… incredibly well done!!

  • Brenda PatoineThe Bhakti Beat

    Heart Beats One is a gem of a first offering from this Northwest bhakti yogini. Thank you for the sweet offering and lovely album.

  • Sid Rosenguitarist and kirtan artist

    I just finished listening to Johanna’s beautiful new CD Heart Beats One, and feel like I’ve returned from a trip across the galaxy. She creates such a consistently compelling devotional mood with so many talented musicians… the CD is so skillfully recorded, mixed and mastered… it will no doubt reside on peoples’ playlists next to Deva Premal, Snatam Kaur and Gina Sala.

  • David Newman (Durga Das)kirtan artist

    Heart Beats One is a mystical brew full of love, beauty, and devotion. Dive into delight in a rich and magical mantra music adventure!

  • Benjy Wertheimerkirtan artist

    Heart Beats One is a sweet, beautiful, and sincere offering…. It has many truly magical moments, and wonderful performances by a wide range of artists that I also love.

  • Johanna has delivered a stellar, timeless, amazing new album expanding the genre of kirtan music with hypnotic rhythms, gorgeous vocal melodies, dreamy soundscapes, and an all-star cast of guest performers.

  • Hans Christianmusician and producer

    Johanna’s voice bursts with love and passion on her new CD Heart Beats One. She is a stellar singer with a deep commitment to healing and spiritual transformation.

  • Judith Dahnmaster yoga instructor

    This is an extraordinary CD. I can’t stop listening to it. Each time I listen I hear more. When I am not listening to it, the songs fill my mind and comfort me. Johanna sings from a depth of heart that invokes a deeper and deeper journey on a sacred vibration. I love, love, love this work of art. It is a gem. A must hear. Bravo! Bravo!

  • Johanna’s debut, Heart Beats One, is stunning.... Johanna is blessed with a clear voice and vision along with abundant creativity.

  • I love hearing and playing "Heart Beats One" on my radio shows. Every song is goes deep into my heart.... Honestly, I can't praise it enough.

Version 2
Davida Singh and Johanna

The Songs

  1. Shines Like a Million Suns

In the tradition of kirtan,  I wrote this invocation to Ganesh, remover of obstacles. It describes in Sanskrit the elephant god whose body shines like a million suns, showing blessings on everyone.

vakratunda mahaakaaya suryakoti samaprabhaa.
nirvighnam kurumedeva sarvakaaryeshu sarvadaa.

  1. The Light Inside

These words came to me as an offering of wisdom for my childhood self. It is a prayer for everyone who has ever struggled to find their way back to the home that is always with them.  The traditional Kundalini chant Pavan Guru, introduced to me by my friend Davida Singh, provides grounding in the deep wisdom of the ages.

You are the sun, you are the moon.
You are the universe inside when you come home to you.
You are the light; the light inside.
You can’t help but shine through the darkness. You are divine.

Though there is darkness there is light.
Though you are human you are divine.
Though there are shadows inside.
Every breath you breathe in light.

Daniel Paul

Pavan, Pavan, Pavan, Pavan, Par Para, Pavan Guru.
Pavan Guru, Wahe Guru, Wahe Guru, Pavan Guru.

Breath is your guide, is your sage, is your knowledge.
Breath, breathe in life.

Beyond the beyond….

You are safe. You are whole.
You are love beyond words, so powerful.
Heart open wide, The whole universe lives inside.
Little child come home, home to the light.

This Heart is open wide and the whole universe lives inside.
So breathe, breathe in life.

  1. Saraswati
Vince McClellan

Saraswati is the traditional Hindu Goddess of music, culture, knowledge, and creativity. It was easy for me to write a chant honoring these values.

Saraswati Namaha Maha Devi Namo Namah
Saraswati Ma, Saraswati Ma, Jai Ma, Jai Ma
Maha Devi Namo Namah, Namo Namah, Namo Namah
Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Ma Devi Ma

  1. Naṭarāja
Johanna and Girish
Johanna and Girish

Nataraja is the Lord of Dance in traditional Hindu mythology. An aspect of Shiva, he dances in a ring of fire, burning away what is no longer needed.  This is not necessarily a simple process, so the chant unfolds in several movements.

Om Namah Shivaya
Nataraj Nataraja Jaya Shiva Shankara Nataraja

  1. Hallelujah Govinda
Johanna with Gina Sala

Govinda is the name for Krishna as a youth.  More than anything, he represents pure love. While we were recording the vocals for this chant, I was spontaneously moved by the gospel spirit to throw in a few hallelujahs. Gina Sala’s joyous responses echoed that spirit.

Govinda Jaya Jaya, Gopala Jaya Jaya
Radha Ramana Hari Govinda Jaya Jaya
Govinda Govinda
Govinda Jaya Jaya Gopala Jaya
JayaRhade Shym, Rhade Shym
Radha Ramana Hari Govinda Jaya Jaya
Govinda Gopala

  1. Kali Durge
Dave Chiller

The goddesses Kali and Durge are two of the most powerful female deities. They represent both destruction and creation. My version of this chant has elements of darkness and light to represent that eternal dichotomy.

Om Namah Shivaya, Om Namah Shivaya
Kali Durge Namah Shivaya

  1. Heart Beats One

This is easily my most requested song. It seems to remind people of something they’ve always known. The same is true for the ancient Maha Mantra (Hare Krishna), one of the most powerful and ancient of mantras.

Ben Leinbach at Shasta Yoga Festival

In our short sweet lives we’re all searching for the light—
The same light that makes trees thrive.
Our roots go down, branches reach to the sky.
I know inside that you and I
Share the same heart, the same soul,
The same love, and I know

My heart beats one,
your heart beats one,
this heart beats one,
our hearts beat as one.

Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna,
Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare,
Hare Rama Hare Ram,
Ram Rama Hare Hare

  1. Om Shanti (Peace in Our Hearts)
Lyris Cooper

This closing chant interweaves the words to three parts of the Upanishad. It’s a universal prayer for peace that roughly translates as:

Lead us from the unreal to the real.
Lead us from darkness to light.
Lead us from death to immortality.
May all beings be happy and free from suffering.

Peace, peace, peace!

Om Shanti Shanti Om
Asato mā sadgamaya
Tamaso mā jyotir gamaya
Mṛtyormā’mṛtaṁ gamaya Om
Lokah samastah sukhino bhavantu
Om Shanti Shanti Om


lgb (1)
Larry Beekman

Musicians (in order of appearance):

Johanna vocals, harmonium, synths,piano, acoustic and electric guitars,

Daniel Riddle guitar, bass, trap set, hand percussion, synth, vocals, electronics

Daniel Paul tabla

Larry Beekman classical guitar

Sabine Monn

Vince McClellan flute, flamenco guitar

Lyris Cooper bass, vocals

Rebecca Reese cello

Sabine Monn cello

Greg Allen (Jaskaran) viola

Greg Allen

George Beekman guitar, congas, djembe, doumbek, cajon, electronic hand drum, kalimba, hand percussion

Davida Singh vocals and chant cocreation

Jaya Lakshmi vocals

Ananda vocals

Sarah Grumbling vocals

Gina Sala vocals

Jesse Stern
Jesse Stern

Sean Frenette bass, guitar, sitar guitar

Dave Chiller tabla, hang

Ben Leinbach trap set, hand percussion, guitar, electronic wizardry, vocals

Dave Trenkel synth, electronics

Michael Stirling tamboura,vocals

Girish vocals, percussion

Jesse Stern tabla, acoustic guitar, electric guitar

Brian BonTempo

Paul Brainard lap steel guitar

Brian Bontempo sarod

Hans Christian cello

Bibi McGill guitar

Gershone Hendelberg Hammond and Rhodes keyboards and harmonium

Benjy Wertheimer esraj

Ankush Vimwala tabla

Additional Group Vocals on tracks 3, 5, 6, and 7 by members of Johanna’s Bhakti Tribe: Ananda, Susan Beekman, Tressa Yonekawa Bundren, Lyris Cooper, Reema Datta, Angela Grace, Sarah Grumbling, Trevor Guiliani, Gershone Hendelberg, Alexandra Jackiw, Prashant Kakad, Kalyani (Colleen Buckman), Jaya Lakshmi, Ben Leinbach, Sid Rosen, Gina Sala, Davida Singh, Michael Steen, Jesse Stern, Kitzie Stern, Michael Stirling, Sweethome Teacup, Alec Vila, Daniel Zamszow

All songs written, produced, and arranged by Johanna Beekman

Daniel Riddle and Johanna

Producer Johanna Beekman

Co-producers Daniel Riddle, George Beekman, Lyris Cooper, Susan Beekman

Production Consultants Ben Leinbach, Girish Cruden, Benjy Wertheimer

Dave Trenkel

Recording and Engineering Daniel Riddle, Dave Trenkel

Mixing Ben Leinbach

Mastering Hans Christian

Cover Design Wahkeena Sitka

Cover Photography Than Monk

Web Design Ben Beekman, George Beekman