Beyond Love

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Johanna Beekman’s followup to her critically-acclaimed Heart Beats One takes you deeper into the heart space beyond love. These soothing, soulful songs, inspired by her unique Lullaby Yoga classes, are perfect for yoga and various healing modalities.

Johanna with Ben Leinbach

Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul is Johanna Beekman’s fifth album—her second album of sacred music from the traditions of yoga. The album is largely the result of a serious car accident. While recovering from being hit by a careless driver, Johanna focused her creative energy on healing through music and through restorative yoga—the yoga of deep relaxation. Eventually she combined these two powerful healing practices and created Lullaby Yoga—her unique fusion of restorative and yin yoga with heart-opening live music.

The music—a blend of original and traditional pieces from a variety of global cultures—provides a luxurious, peaceful space for the mind to rest while the body relaxes, rebalances, and restores itself. The soothing, soulful songs on this album are inspired by, and often part of, Johanna’s Lullaby Yoga classes. The gentle flow the album creates is ideal for yoga, quiet chanting, meditation, deep rest, massage, acupuncture, therapeutic movement, and other healing modalities.

Johanna developed and recorded the album with award-winning producer Ben Leinbach. Tracks feature guest appearances by musical luminaries Donna DeLory, Girish, Hans Christian, Lee Mirabai Harrington, Jared May, and Gawain Mathews. In the words of master musician Hans Christian, “Johanna blesses us again! This new album is a perfect follow-up to her stunning Heart Beats One. When Johanna sings, we listen and we get inspired by her sublime voice and delicious musicality. Beyond Love is irresistible!”

  • Gen, Insight Timer Reviewer

    From my heart and soul I just wanted to thank you for this incredible creation. ♡ It is my favourite and has moved and shifted me in the most beautiful ways. It really speaks to my highest self and I am so grateful. Thank yo.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    “Smooth and Peaceful” . . . “Love it, thanks for such amazing chanting!” . . . "Magnifique" . . . "Hermoso!!" . . . "Lindo!????" . . . "Maravilloso, me encantó" . . . "Me encantaría que compartieran la letra completa, desde el principio para poder cantar bien este mantra. Namaste ????✨❤"

  • Isabel, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Produce Una Sensación de paz muy profunda

  • Rebecca, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Liquid Bliss!! Thank You!

  • David, Insight Timer Reviewer

    Beautiful, Soothing, Centering, Grounding. Thank you!

  • Marisa
    It was wonderful to . . . participate in the yoga class along with your nourishing angelic voice and music. Your CD's have been close to my heart. I have listened daily for a month now 🙂
  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    That is so beautiful on so many levels. Thank you so much. My heart beats one. . . . Sooooo peaceful... thank you! . . . Peaceful and relaxing, perfect mindfulness on your way to work. . . . It was so beautiful and touching! It's now one of my favorites! . . . Beautiful, relaxing and loved every aspect of it! . . . Loving, peaceful and inspiring. . . . I feel the love ❤️

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Wow!!! Heavenly! I WILL be revisiting here!! . . . Inspiring and wonderful! . . . Very beautiful & calming!! . . . I like the easy flow of this piece! . . . Soothing to my soul but so very uplifting and rejuvenating. I feel energized an ready for my day . . . Oh My! This is wonderful! I love it. You can Feel the clearing and then great sense of refreshment to the spirit.

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    I loved it! Put a smile on my face is was so good! . . . So uplifting, dispels all the inner dark clouds . . . Very beautiful way to start my day. Thank you for producing something so wonderful. . . . Absolutely loved this. Loved the way this built up momentum and then quietened down at the end. Perfect! ????

  • Insight Timer Reviews

    Beautiful words, tone, voice, feel. I was swept away. Thank you. . . . Wonderful deep rhythm and melodious chanting . . . Lovely chant and evocative of nomadic North African tribes . . . So moving; Truly magnificent . . .

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Beautiful and relaxing . . . I will never tire of this beautiful chant. . . . Exquisite . . . Beautiful music, beautiful message ????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    A beautiful song with a beautiful message of remembrance . . . So, so beautiful. Just an amazing, luxurious musical journey . . . Beyond words beautiful ❤️ . . . Amazing! And so powerful!

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    Loving these tracks . . . Exhilarating!!! . . . A journey to my heart and soul . . . Beautiful music to meditate to . . . Stunning ????????????

  • Insight Timer Reviewers

    So beautiful it made me emotional . . . I can feel the love within me expanding and washing away past hurts. . . . Loved this, it's my favourite chant . . .  A beautiful audio clip of the heavens!! It brought tears to my eyes!! ????????

  • Ben Leinbach, Award-winning producer, composer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist

    This album is a super sweet collection of soulful, soothing songs. Sorry about the alliteration. Johanna's voice is rich and her singing impassioned. The songs are inviting, moving, and deep. I produced, recorded, and mixed this album. Johanna and I did some co-writing on a few of the tracks as well.

  • Johanna, your beautiful album "Beyond Love" arrived yesterday, and I am thrilled to include this fine musical work in the Astreaux World Radio streams, and to present it in some special one hour programs heard on affiliate stations as well. Thank you for sharing this with me!

  • Lin Lungta

    I beyond love your new CD.

  • Shayne Locke

    Johanna “is making . . . an impact with her own brand of Lullaby Yoga. Johanna Beekman is a Kirtan artist whose new album, Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul ventures deeper into the heart space beyond love.”

  • Wah!

    Thank you for the beautiful album!  It is a beautiful achievement, and a lovely mix of styles. . . . I’m sure many people will benefit from listening and chanting to your album.

  • Leanne Wood, Miss Bliss Bubble Radio

    This week on Bliss Bubble Radio, I'm featuring music from the just-released Beyond Love, by Johanna Beekman.  is filled with blissful goodness sure to create a sonic landscape of deep connection to all that is Divine within and beyond.

  • Allison Sobel, master yoga teacher

    Thank you Johanna. It's a magical, musical experience that dives “BEYOND LOVE” into the Great Radiant Heart <3 It's SO GOOD! A must for any student or teacher of yoga, meditation, kirtan, and music lover. . . . Can't wait to play this CD in this week's classes. Bravo!

  • Sharon Randall

    I am so enjoying your new album. My heart was broken open with a deep healing . . . Thank you for bringing this love to us all.

  • Carolyn Adair Bechtold

    I am loving the album, Heart Beats One . . . it was remarkable. Thank you for the love and light you share and generate. It profoundly effects me.

  • Hans Christian, musician and producer

    Johanna blesses us again! This new album is a perfect follow-up to her stunning Heart Beats One. When Johanna sings, we listen and we get inspired by her sublime voice and delicious musicality. Beyond Love is irresistible!

Hey Ma Durga (featuring Donna De Lory):
He Ma Durga is a Hindu chant used to invoke the Mother Goddess Durga, who encompasses many incarnations such as Kali. The mantra honors the divine feminine in all of its manifestations, and can help remove obstacles, protect the chanter, and awaken power and creative energy.

Om Namah Shivaya (featuring Girish):
This song is based on the Anusara Invocation, “Om Namo Shivaya Gurave Satchidananda Murtaye, Nisprapancaya Shantaya, Niralambaya Tejase, Om.”

It translates as “I open my heart to the power of Grace / That lives in us as goodness / That never is absent and radiates peace / And lights the way to transformation.”

Om Tare:
The Green Tara mantra – Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha. Tara is the goddess of compassion and mercy in Tibetan Buddhism.

This chant, also known as the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra, is dedicated to the Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva, the creator, protector and transformer deity of Hinduism. It is especially helpful in overcoming fear of death or the unknown, and bringing physical and emotional healing.
Om Tryambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam
Urvarukameva Bandhanan
Mrityor Mokshiya Maamritat

Hari Om (featuring Ben Leinbach and Girish):
Hari Om is said to help the chanter break free from suffering, depression, bad karma, and pain. Hari is another name for the Hindu God Vishnu who removes obstacles, and Om is the primordial sacred sound of the universe. The mantra helps restore one’s connection to divine consciousness, happiness, and truth.

Beyond Love (featuring Ben Leinbach):
A chant for personal empowerment, uplifting the soul, manifestation, and gratitude to the Divine.
Ajai Alai Abhai Abai Abhoo Ajoo Anaas Akaas
Aganj Abhanj Alakkh Abhakkh Akaal Dy-aal Alaykh Abhaykh
Anaam Akaam Agaah Adhaah Anaathay Pramaathay Ajonee Amonee
Na Raagay Na Rangay Na Roopay Na Raykhay
Akarmang Abharmang Aganjay Alaykhay

Beyond birth, beyond color
Beyond SHAPE, beyond DOUBT
Beyond Love, Beyond Love
Beyond love is only Love
LOVE LOVE love love..

Om Mani Padme Hum:
Om Mani Padme Hum is the most popular chant of Tibetan Buddhism, associated with the Bodhisattva of Compassion, Avalokiteshvara. It refers to the jewel in the lotus, the inner heart, awakening, enlightenment, and developing ones capacity for loving kindness.

Lokah Lullaby:
This is a mantra of blessing, invoking serenity and wellbeing for all creatures of the world. It also reminds us that our own life should contribute to their peace, freedom, and happiness.

Lokah Samasta Sukino Bhavantu
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti Om

Beyond Love back cover