Coco in the leaves

Inspired wisdom: Let the Seasons Shape your Life

As the darkness sets in, let yourself slowly dissolve into the natural rhythms, your natural state.
Cocoon yourself in cozy blankets, stare at the flames of a fire or candle. Eat cooked vegetables and sip on warm broth or calming teas.
As the sun goes down early in the day, take a moment to meditate, to reset. It’s OK to rest. For thousands of years, humans had two sleeps. Try that! Wake up and write your dreams; create!
Tune in to the circadian rhythm of nature, and let your body slow towards its natural state. Walk every day, get outside in the sunshine or the rain, and let the elements retune your center.
As the spring comes, dust off your bike, put your hands in the dirt, and prepare your garden. Plant seeds. Collect greens and begin to juice.
Move some energy to the soundtrack of singing birds waking from their slumber. Let the music inspire your own awakening.
Come summertime, gather fruits and vegetables and break out your blender for smoothie season!
Pack your picnic and lounge at the water’s edge, gather energy for the solar-charged fruition of your winter’s manifestations.
Cleanse and reset your system.
Sweat. Breathe. Be. And as the leaves begin to fall once more, know that you ARE the rhythm of nature.
As the sun wanes, let it bring forth your creative energy, propel your highest purpose through integration & inspiration the seasons have provided you.
From her, we begin to sow our soul’s seeds once more.
– Johanna OneHeart