Mantra Sanga coming soon

“Mantra Sangha” Music Video Premiere + Live Performances

Date(s) - 09/15/2020
5:00 pm–8:00 pm

*Online Event*
YouTube, Facebook


Watch the live premiere of Johanna’s brand new music video for her new single, “Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing,” multistreaming on Facebook, and YouTube with live performances from many of the artists, such as Krishna Das, Nina Rao, Gina Salā, Ragani, Karen Seva, and more! Join us on Zoom after 7:15 pm PST to participate in the artist meet and greet.


Sri Sakthi Amma • Krishna Das • Gina Salā • Ragani • Johanna Beekman • Girish • Kamini Natarajan • Nina Rao • Noelle Whittington • Karen Seva • Kavita Kat MacMillan • Sherrie Howard • Mark Kelso • Sianna Sherman • Jim Beckwith • Masood Ali Khan • Ankush Vimawala • Myriam Turenne • Danny Solomon • Hans Christian • Ben Leinbach

Get the song here.

Sneak preview:

Sing along: Om Kreem Maha Kali Sarva Rhogam Nasi Nasi

Chant by Sri Sakthi Amma / Trad. • Melody & Production by Johanna Beekman
Percussion programming & arrangement consult: Ben Leinbach
Mixing, mastering: Hans Christian
Video by Johanna Beekman & LC

Dancers: Aakansha Maheshwari (BollyPop) and Malini Taneja

Benefiting Mitrata Nepal Foundation for Children, St. Louis, MO

Music Video premiere and performances Sept 15th graphic