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Taking a Moment to Breathe

For more than a year I’ve been giving most of my attention to Heart Beats One, the kirtan CD we’ll be releasing in September. But every once in a while something reminds me that my music can take on a life of its own. That happened last week when I discovered a YouTube video of Singing Out performing Free to Decide (Breathe) at a Toronto pride concert last June.

I’ve never met any of these people, but I’m deeply grateful to them for creating such a beautiful rendition of my song. The timing of my discovery couldn’t be more appropriate, and I’m ever-so-proud.

Back to the Future with Girish

Hi, All! It has been a while since I posted a blog, but it’s time. I’ve got big news. But first, some background. Flash back to five years ago. I’m on a mini-tour with Lyris, my best friend and bassist. It’s a rough time for both of us, but especially for her—she’s experiencing PTSD from… Read more »

On the Edge of a Divine Year

2014 was a busy year for Johanna. Before the dust could settle on the newly-launched CD The Edge of Divine and the companion web site (this one), Johanna and company launched a new recording project—her first kirtan CD. We convinced ourselves that it would be much easier to record than the singer/songwriter CDs she’d done before. “How… Read more »