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We just made it to the finish line with my heart’s project, my first CD of kirtan music, Heart Beats One. The album—a collection of soulful interpretations of sacred chants from the traditions of yoga— took way longer than I first anticipated. As it took shape, four things happened: I deepened my practice of meditation through music,… Read more »

Taking a Moment to Breathe

For more than a year I’ve been giving most of my attention to Heart Beats One, the kirtan CD we’ll be releasing in September. But every once in a while something reminds me that my music can take on a life of its own. That happened last week when I discovered a YouTube video of Singing Out performing Free to Decide (Breathe) at a Toronto pride concert last June.

I’ve never met any of these people, but I’m deeply grateful to them for creating such a beautiful rendition of my song. The timing of my discovery couldn’t be more appropriate, and I’m ever-so-proud.

The Joy of Creation

It’s been a over a year now since I began recording a CD of original kirtan music. Little did I know, when I began, what it would take. For one thing, this process keeps driving me deeper into my practice of chanting and yoga. I can’t imagine how I could have been here without the… Read more »

Back to the Future with Girish

Hi, All! It has been a while since I posted a blog, but it’s time. I’ve got big news. But first, some background. Flash back to five years ago. I’m on a mini-tour with Lyris, my best friend and bassist. It’s a rough time for both of us, but especially for her—she’s experiencing PTSD from… Read more »

On the Edge of a Divine Year

2014 was a busy year for Johanna. Before the dust could settle on the newly-launched CD The Edge of Divine and the companion web site (this one), Johanna and company launched a new recording project—her first kirtan CD. We convinced ourselves that it would be much easier to record than the singer/songwriter CDs she’d done before. “How… Read more »

Johannasings Again!

Welcome to the all-new!

When we created the original johannasings site, we were rightfully proud. It was pretty much state-of-the-art multimedia for its day. But that day was a long time ago. So when Johanna released her new album, we decided it wouldn’t work to simply update the old site. We needed to kill it and start fresh. You’re looking at the results.
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