This growing collection includes links to news stories, interviews, and podcasts about Johanna and her music, as well as recordings by other artists that feature Johanna. Please let us know if you have something to add.

Saturday Night aliveSince the start of the pandemic in 2020, Johanna has been featured on several Saturday Night Alive for the Global Peace Tribe gatherings, alongside others such as Andrew Harvey, Matthew Fox, Z Budapest, Neal Donald Walsh, Elizabeth April, Margot Anand, and more. Check out previous episodes: Aug 1 2020, Aug 22 2020, Oct 2020, Feb 2021

Yoga Unify articleJohanna was quoted in Yoga Unify’s Jan. 2021 article, “10 Reasons to Practice Yoga, According to Our Founding Members.” Read it here.


Johanna In SGW Magazine

Johanna’s offerings and an article were featured in the December 2020 issue of Spirituality Gone Wild’s magazine, with Marianne Williamson on the cover. Read it online here.


GfestMABUDDHAFLyerJohanna’s song was used in a promo video for the online G-Fest: Goddess Rising festival, an event to honor, support and celebrate the Sacred Feminine and the Rise of Women in these times of deep change. Check it out here.


Katie Wise & Bhakti ExplosionJohanna was honored to sing on a couple of songs awhile back on Katie Wise’s album Lovolution. One of them, Mystic Krishna, was recently featured on Insight timer! From Katie: “So grateful to have my music featured by their staff picks today. If you’ve never heard this track it is a mash up of Van Morrison “into the mystic” combined with the Maha mantra. All skillfully produced by Ben Leinbach featuring vocals of Johanna Beekman in addition to our normal crew of Bhakti Explosion 2016. (Noah Rouse Wilson IV, John Hoelle, Makaysha Rain, Andy Skellenger and Neville Harson). . . . May this track keep you in the highest vibration and open your heart.”

Krishna Das Spotify playlist“Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing” has already been included on 50 playlists on Spotify including Krishna Das’ “Chants to the Goddess”, White Swan Records’ “Best Yoga Music of the Year: Chanting and Mantras,” and “Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing” (with all of the featured artists).


YogiTunesYogiTunes shared the song “Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing” on their service, and shared the music video in a Facebook post. See it here. YogiTunes is a fully licensed, fair trade music service providing top quality soundtracks for yoga, meditation, movement, and the healing arts.


White Swan Best Yoga Music 2020

Parmita Pushman of White Swan Records added the new single, “Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing” to the 2020 “Best Yoga Music of the Year: Chanting and Mantras” Spotify playlist, next to luminaries Deva Premal, Krishna Das, Shantala, Jaya Lakshmi and so many more. Listen here. She also added it to her “Kirtan: The Bhakti Yoga of Chanting Mantras” playlist. She added “The Earth Beneath Me: Jai Shakti Ma,” from my album Mantra Soul to her playlist Sri Ma: Chants of Divine Mother, Yoga Goddesses Lakshmi, Shri Durga, Kali Maa, Saraswati & Radha. Listen here.

Healing Mantra Sangha cover image with namesBhavani Judith Tucker, founder of Bhavani’s Devotional Events, Artichoke Music, and World Press Music, featured Johanna’s brand new music video, Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing in her September 2020 newsletter about kirtan, devotional, and uplifting music events. Read the mailer here.


Respect and pray on blue full moon with nature background, Original image from NASA.govJohanna’s song “Om Shanti” from her album Heart Beats One was featured on Kitzie Stern’s New World Kirtan podcast of July 22, 2020 focused on the Great Invocation which seeks love and peace in the world. It includes songs from other artists like Deva Premal and Mital, Brenda McMorrow, Donna De Lory, Blue Spirit Wheel, Shiva Rea, and more. It ends with a Yoga Nidra meditation.

Rebecca WarfieldJohanna joined Rebecca Warfield on a May 2020 episode of Dharma Drops to talk about the reminders we need as we continue to forge ahead into “the new normal” of the coronavirus pandemic. They discussed the silver linings of the pandemic, the power of mantra, yoga, and more. Most importantly, this episode is a reminder that by shifting perspective and utilizing yoga’s teachings, we can thrive and survive during challenging times.

Valerie RomanoffJohanna virtually collaborated with the powerful and spiritual musician Valerie Romanoff of New York, sharing a sneak preview of one of their co-written songs on Valerie’s videocast, Groove Into Bliss: Musical Meditation and More. Valerie is an award-winning composer and multi-instrumentalist who believes that “music has the power to heal, transform, evoke emotion, underscore and enhance our lives. By consciously aligning with elements of music, we can affect deep changes in our world.”

YGA episode 29 What is Bhakti Yoga Joanna BeekmanCrystal Gray interviewed Johanna on The Yoga Goddess Academy Podcast, Episode 29: {Insight Interview} What is Bhakti Yoga? They discussed how Johanna came to the practice of Bhakti Yoga,  sound yoga for healing trauma, optimizing your yoga practice, mantras / chanting for healing and protection, tapping into intuition, and Johanna’s new album, Mantra Soul. Listen to the episode here.

Embody Freedom w JohannaHemalayaa, spiritual mentor and coach, interviewed Johanna along with guest facilitator and guest artist Justine Serebrin on her EMBODY Freedom! podcast in May of 2020. Check out the video here. Hemalayaa provides tools to break down barriers and lead to self-acceptance and passion for life.

Michael J Downey Johanna’s music was used in two yoga videos of a four-part series for prisoners by Michael J. Downey. The song “Lokah Lullaby” was included in “Yoga for Anxiety,” and “Om Shanti” in “Yoga for Recovery,” both with yoga teacher Shandara Gill.


MarkAbadiMark Abadi interviewed Johanna along with SEE Cristian Ellauri on the May 11th edition of his Magical Monday Morning podcast. They discussed sharing devotion and music. Check it out here. Mark Abadi is a holistic psychologist, public speaker, life coach, therapist, and author working with health and wellbeing from a multi-disciplinary perspective.

Sirgun Kaur interviewed Johanna on her podcast, Inspired Artist: Conversations with Spiritual Creatives, in February of 2020. In the episode, titled “Deep Beautiful Connected Family,” they talked music, harmony, the planet, and self-inquiry methods, and Sirgun played Johanna’s track “Om Guru Deva” off of the new Mantra Soul album. Listen to the podcast here.

Susan Peck Free to Decide videoSusan Peck, Music Director of the Albuquerque Unitarian Fellowship, created this video singing along and playing cups to Johanna’s “Free to Decide.” A new version of this song will be on Johanna’s album Spirit Song Soul, along with a music video, due out in 2021. Check out Susan’s short clever video in the meantime here!



The New World Kirtan Podcast with Kitzie Stern mentioned Johanna’s 2020 kirtan event at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in Corvallis. The podcast also features music from Jane Winthur, Deva Premal & Miten, Kristin Luna Rae, Shantala, Lee Mirabai Harrington, Jaya Lakshmi, and Shantala. Listen in here

Dharma Drops podcastDharma Drops Podcast with Rebecca Warfield had Johanna on the show in August of 2019 to talk about yoga, feminism, integration of the genders through spiritual practice, the idea of a dharma path and what it looks like, the nervous system benefits and differences between powerful/asana practice and subtle body/ breath work/ restorative practices. Check it out here.

Yoga Chat Accidental Yogist

Yoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist interviewed Johanna on July 25th about the 2018 Ashland Shakti United! gathering, featuring music from her as well as others who were scheduled to play at the festival: Windsong Martin, Alice DiMicele, Lakshmi Devi feat. Tina Malia, Shanti Shivani, Mirabai Moon, Sydney Leigh, and Rob and Melissa Lundsgaard, and Donna De Lory. Listen here

Bhakti Fest and Yogi Tunes collaborated to release a special free download compilation album of artists who are part of their special 10th Anniversary event (featuring Deepak Chopra!). Johanna is featured alongside David Newman, Donna De Lory, Fantuzzi, Girish, Jai Uttal, Jaya Lakshmi & Ananda, MC Yogi, and more.

ST Media featured the universal remix of Johanna’s song “Heart Beats One” on its compilation album of conscious music tracks, The Auricle Collective, Vol. 2, which is “Empowering and supporting individual artists while igniting the collective voice.” It is available at NoiseTrade, and will be playing on mainstream radio stations around the world.

Gary Goldberg showGary Goldberg interviewed Johanna on his WRPI radio show “Gary’s Music Show.” They discussed her East Coast tour, and her Shakti United! international project and Gary shared a couple of Johanna’s kirtan tracks. Listen to Gary’s shows here, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11am-4pm EST. 

LA Yoga Magazine feature on Shakti Fest w Jo picture LA Yoga Magazine featured a photo of Johanna performing on the Shakti Fest main stage in their May 2018 article “Shakti Fest: Devotion, Service, and Transformation.” The article features interviews with Ram Dass and Shakti and Bhakti Fest founder Sridhar Silberfein.

Best Yoga Music of the YearParmita Pushman of White Swan Records / Black Swan Sounds included Johanna’s song “Hari Om” from Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul in a “Best Yoga Music of the Year” playlist on Spotify for 2017 — you can listen here!


Healing Vibes Radio logo Eye of Consciousness featured Johanna’s music on its Healing Vibes Radio station. You can listen in here.


Yoga Chat logoYoga Chat with the Accidental Yogist featured Johanna’s song “Kali Durge” from Heart Beats One on its episode “Women in the Spotlight” on December 20th, 2017. They also featured Johanna’s “Guru Deva” on their Shakti Fest preview episode May 2nd, 2018.


Soul Traveller

Johanna’s song “Hey Ma Durga (feat. Donna De Lory)” from Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul was nominated for Soul Traveller Radio’s Top 20 Conscious Music Songs of 2017.  


Center for Spiritual Living Las Vegas The Center for Spiritual Living Las Vegas streamed a video of their August 20th, 2017 service, in which Johanna performed “The Light Inside” (starting around 21:50) and “Heart Beats One” (starting around 52:00) from her CD Heart Beats One.


Jo and Kimberly HaynesThe Music Industry News Network ran an article about Johanna’s event with Kimberly Haynes at the Unitarian Universalist Community Church on Sept. 16th, 2017.


Soul TravellerSoul Traveller Radio Show’s Shayne Locke interviewed Johanna about Lullaby Yoga™ and her album Beyond Love on July 2nd, 2017, and her song “The Light Inside” from Heart Beats One was featured in an interview with the founder of Beloved, Elliot Rasenick on August 9th, 2017. Heart Beats One was nominated for the top 20 albums in their Conscious Music Awards in 2015.

YogiTunes  Johanna’s kirtan album Heart Beats One is currently featured on YogiTunes, a music library of hand-picked music from around the world to accompany yoga classes and healing modalities. Her new albums will soon be up as well.



10,000 Suns: Music fore Healing Peace & Awakening. Johanna is a featured vocalist on two of the tracks on this beautiful album by Saul David Raye & the Atma Recording Project.



New World Kirtan Podcast. Johanna’s music has been featured on several episodes of Kitzie Stern’s popular podcast, an ongoing exploration of the multifaceted world of kirtan. Most recently, the Be the Lighthouse podcast featured Om Shanti (Peace in our Hearts) from Heart Beats One. The 30th Fresh Tracks episode included  Heart Beats One‘s title track and Fresh Tracks 31 featured that album’s closing track, Om Shanti (Peace in our Hearts).

Blissful Beats, Yoga Chats with the Accidental Yogist. This podcastyogachat episode includes an interview with Johanna as she embarks on her One Heart One Soul tour. Among other things, she talks about the path that led her to kirtan, starting with her first meeting with Ram Dass a few days before her zeroth birthday. The interview starts with Heart Beats One and includes the story behind that song.

Bliss Bubble RadioLeanne of Bliss Bubble Radio featured Johanna on her show and played Heart Beats One all day. She said “Johanna’s music drew me in immediately with its sultry vocals and lush instrumentals. These gorgeous original kirtan chants, which include guest appearances from many of the “who’s who” in Bhakti music, create a direct path to the heart. A must-have album to all who love divinely devotional music!

Yoga Chicago

Navigating the Journey by Debi Buzil, Yoga Chicago. Here’s a review of several new CDs, including Johanna’s. Spoiler: The review’s opening sentence is “Johanna’s debut, Heart Beats One, is stunning.”


imagesSusan Grace Beekman Interview, Sunny in Seattle with Sunny Joy, KKNW Alternative Talk Radio. In this episode Sunny Joy interviews a Master Life Coach who happens to be Johanna’s Mom. The program includes excerpts from Johanna’s Heart Beats One CD, stories about Johanna’s journey toward the light through music and thought work, and more. The station’s archive of this interview includes many commercials and none of the music, so we’ve included a player here.

Oasis logoMy Daughter, Myself: Heart Beats One, a blog post by Susan Grace Beekman. Johanna’s mother, a Master Life Coach, wrote this blog about the power of Johanna’s anthemic song and a certain irony of the timing of the song’s release. The blog includes a reference to (and a player for) the Sunny in Seattle interview referenced above.


In the Spirit radioIn the Spirit, WRPI Radio
Here’s what Gary Goldberg of WRPI Radio recently wrote about Heart Beats One: “I love Johanna Beekman’s ‘new’ CD, Heart Beats One. Played it in its entirety on yesterday’s “In The Spirit” radio show.”


mtshastanewsMany came from Out of Town for Shasta Yoga Festival, Mt. Shasta News. This overview of the first-ever Mount Shasta Yoga Festival includes a photo of Johanna singing with Mike Cohen, Katie Wise, and Richard Cole. (Not shown is drummer Ben Leinbach.) Johanna also opened the festival with her own set and sang with David Newman.


GT-iconSound Recovery, Corvallis Gazette Times Entertainer. This article, published with the release of The Edge of Divine, tells the story of Johanna’s recovery from being hit by a drunk driver and the power of music for healing.