Back to the Future with Girish

Hi, All!

It has been a while since I posted a blog, but it’s time. I’ve got big news. But first, some background.

Flash back to five years ago. I’m on a mini-tour with Lyris, my best friend and bassist. It’s a rough time for both of us, but especially for her—she’s experiencing PTSD from an recent auto accident.

During our show it starts snowing. As we load our gear into my funky Toyota, panic begins to overtake her. I tuck a blanket around her and put on one of the half-dozen CDs I have in the car. A soothing voice works its magic on both of us and we’re able to drive home safely, embraced by a deep sense of serenity. The magical music was from kirtan singer Girish.

Over the next few years I embraced kirtan as an art form and a spiritual practice. A community of singers and players, in turn, embraced me and helped me to create my own album of original kirtan music.

Fast forward to one month ago. I open an email and see that name again. Girish, one of my inspirations on my journey, is asking me to back him up on his Northwest tour! What do you think I said?

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be joining him from February 28th through March 2nd in Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia. And one of the best parts is that Lyris, still my BFF and sometimes bassist, will join us for the last couple of stops on the tour. Check out the details here:

In the meantime, back to the studio; the almost-finished album needs my attention. Big news about that coming soon….