Lockdown Montage

A Lockdown Collage

Today’s my birthday. Last night I celebrated with a few close friends and family around a socially distanced bonfire with music, dancing, and community. It felt good to experience a self-made micro-fest, reminiscing on old times while enjoying the grounded nature of these strange new times. And today feels like a good time to reflect on the past year. Whew. On this birthday, that’s a big challenge. Let’s just say that, like everyone else, I’ve been living in a whirlwind of uncertainty this year.  I realize that this has given me a new opportunity to put my music and practice to the test, and it hasn’t been an easy path. But here’s what I can say for sure: Music is still THE MEDICINE, whether from home, the road, or any part of life. 

When the pandemic hit I was on tour with my new album, Mantra Soul, near Los Angeles. Immediately I went into quarantine in the California Sierra Nevadas, where I discovered a mantra from a teacher in India and began chanting. During the next few months after coming back home to Oregon and setting up camp, I worked with my dear friend and organizer Lyris to create a video with a cast of singers and dancers from the Bhakti devotional tradition. In case you missed this feel-good chanting vibe, here it is. We organized a Mini-Festival release, giving the equipment in my home studio a real work out (you can see a replay here). I also have new collaborative singles in the works, as well as an instrumental album and an English universal conscious music album.

I’ve been teaching classes for Naam Yoga, including “Self-Soothing for Uncertain Times,” which is still available on their channel, along with dozens of other courses, by subscription. I’m now offering Lullaby Yoga™ through their channel every Thursday at noon. Online festivals are far from the same, but it’s been a sweet journey to explore this home studio and internet space. I’ve been able to perform from the comfort of my home alongside luminaries like Bruce Lipton, songwriter inspiration goddess Ani DiFranco, and so many other creatives, sharing virtually in song.

I’ve also launched One Heart TV to connect with inspirational singers, musicians, and yogis to guide us along the way with consciousness and hope. As the seasons begin their next shift, One Heart TV may launch into One Heart Festival, so stay tuned!

P.S. Autumn leaves are Coco’s favorite thing! She misses everyone on the road but is enjoying non-RV life and sends her puppy love to all #cocoacrossamerica fans!