Johanna Beekman singer songwriter kirtan artist yoga teacher

Johanna Beekman is an internationally acclaimed singer/songwriter, chant/kirtan artist, yoga teacher, vocal teacher, recording artist, and event producer.

Johanna is loved for her rich, soulful voice, her radiant spirit, and her inspiring songs and chants that tap deeply into our collective soul. She sings and teaches at leading festivals, studios, churches, and other live and online venues. Her songs have been nominated for several music awards and best-of-the-year playlists. In 2022 Johanna became a voting member of the Grammy Recording Academy.

Johanna incorporates her music into her uniquely restorative Lullaby Yoga classes and her Free Your Soul’s Voice playshops. Her highly praised Mantra Sangha video brings together artists from all around the globe to support the education of Nepali children. Johanna also produces and co-produces several yoga and conscious music festivals to celebrate our shared humanity.

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  • Alex King-Harris (aka Rara Avis)CEO of YogiTunes | Music As Medicine

    Johanna’s presence on the mic, as a teacher, yogini, devotional human being, musician and all around bad ass, helps me melt into a more receptive, humble and serene state... I love that Johanna exists - she is such a bright light and it's certainly worth spending some time learning from her and enjoying her lovely smiles and warm vibes!

  • Rob, Insight Timer Reviewer

    A transcendent experience. The unique arrangement combined with ethereal harmonies and an ancient mantra blend to create a perfect opportunity to ground yourself at the beginning of your meditation or to seal the meditation when you finish. I listen to this every day, Om Shanti - Peace/ Rob

  • Craig O’Hare, kirtan connoisseur

    Johanna: I attended…. more accurately fully experienced last night's Mantra Sangha and wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it and how incredibly nurturing for me it was. As with most of us, I've been struggling with the realities of COVID isolation and felt so much better being a part of last night and carrying that warmth into today. Thank you for all you bring to the world. Namaste.

  • Ben Leinbach, Grammy-nominated Producer, Composer, and Multi-Instrumentalist

    Hanging out and working on music with Johanna is always a kick. She's a fired up individual who brings great passion to her music. Mantra Soul is a sweet collection of jams - soulful, grooving, and at times rocking out. I recorded the majority of these tracks, and produced, mixed, and mastered the project. We also did some co-writing together on a few of the songs.

  • Gary Goldberg, WRPI Radio, NY

    Johanna Beekman’s brand new album, Mantra Soul, is soulful and deep. Johanna's voice soars through the 7 selections. She sings mantra and English words that take us on a journey through the heart. I felt deeply when I heard "Heart Beats One" and again with "Beyond Love." Feeling the same with "Mantra Soul." She is also aided by Ben Leinbach and Hans Christian. Hear it for yourself from beginning to end and let the sound waves wash through and sooth your soul.

  • Johanna has delivered a stellar, timeless, amazing new album expanding the genre of kirtan music with hypnotic rhythms, gorgeous vocal melodies, dreamy soundscapes, and an all-star cast of guest performers.

Music Videos (more on the Music page)

Mantra Sangha: Health & Healing, a benefit for children in Nepal

During the pandemic Johanna brought together singers and dancers from all around the world in a beautiful video promoting healing and supporting children in Nepal. For more about the chant, the video, the performers, and the cause, click here.

Heart Beats One: Feel the Heartbeat

A reworking of the title song from Johanna’s popular album that replaces Sanscrit chanting with English singing to help spread the message of this song to the widest possible audience. 

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