Would you like to dramatically reduce tension, stress, and pain and increase peace of mind and happiness just by relaxing—in less than 20 minutes a day?

You can! And I’d love to be your guide.

Join me for my brand-new online offering.

I’m Johanna, singer, songwriter, and founder of Lullaby Yoga®.


I created Lullaby Yoga® in one of the most difficult times in my life, to help myself recover from a terrible car crash. My doctors told me I would not practice yoga the same way again so I developed this new form of yoga as a way that I could practice and heal safely. Surprisingly quickly, my debilitating pain, headaches, and brain fog vanished, and I felt more peace of mind and soul-connection than ever before in my life.

Soon, I began sharing Lullaby Yoga with friends and yoga students. Their extraordinary positive experience led me to take Lullaby Yoga on the road offer it at festivals, spiritual centers, yoga studios, retreat centers, and workshops around the US, earning International acclaim while reclaiming a strong personal practice.

Lexi Hawks
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Johanna offers the most divine experience of deep rest and soul-nourishing mantras with Lullaby Yoga. I highly recommend giving yourself or your loved ones the opportunity to be still, receive a song, and feel our innate state of peace.
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Lexi Hawks

E-RYT 500 & Founder of Longwave Yoga

What is Lullaby Yoga?

Lullaby Yoga is restorative yoga plus healing, heart-opening chants and songs. In a Lullaby Yoga class, you rest and relax deeply as I sing soothing, healing chants and songs to you. It’s that easy. Sign up now for Lullaby Yoga: 5 Days to Come Home To You.

Atmajyoti Mary Pat Azevedo
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Lullaby Yoga is a beautiful fusion of Johanna's music medicine with restorative yin yoga asana. Every class which I have experienced with Johanna has been unique. From the large bhakti crowds to the small studios, Johanna welcomes everyone and creates a safe, all-inclusive environment for healing. Her beautiful heart vibe attracts world-known kirtan artists who often accompany her during class and can be enjoyed on one of her many lovely recorded offerings.
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Atmajyoti Mary Pat Azevedo

Massage Therapist and Yoga Teacher, Abundance Yoga & Massage

In the first 20 minute class
you will begin to experience:


Reduced tension, stress, anxiety, and pain


Increased sense of calm, joy, inner peace


Relaxation of body, mind, and emotions


Deep, free-flowing breath


Calming your busy mind so you can be more present and think more clearly

Dr. Eleanor Wells
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Lullaby Yoga is like eating dessert, it’s just delicious. A special treat for a special evening. My clients and I love being tucked into restorative postures and sung into a sweet dreamlike trance by Johanna. It’s just the best way to spend a Friday night that I can imagine.
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Dr Eleanor Wells

Co-founder of Live Well Studio

Over a short time, you may experience, as so many Lullaby Yoga enthusiasts have:

You can achieve these benefits without needing to push, sweat, contort yourself, work hard or force!

Lullaby Yoga is a yin approach to healing and self-care—it works by helping you to let go, be in the flow and receive.

Lullaby Yoga works so well it almost feels like magic. And it’s very real.

Annie Stocker
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Johanna creates a warm and safe and welcoming environment for deep rest. Her clear instructions, lovely soothing voice and lyrics lulled me into a sweet nest. I felt deeply replenished in my heart center and body at the end. Thank you!
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Annie Stocker

Two Dog Yoga Proprietress

Here's what you'll get:

Day One:

Within minutes after signing up you will receive:

  • Your welcome email with support and suggestions to help you get the most from your Lullaby Yoga 5-day program.
  • Your Lullaby Yoga Lesson # 1: The Light Within
  • A link to download the album I created for Lullaby Yoga, Beyond Love: Soothing Sounds for the Soul

Days Two through Five:

Each day your Lullaby Yoga video will be delivered right to you.


This set of videos is yours to enjoy whenever and wherever you want.

Alex King-Harris(A.K.A. Rara Avis)
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My time spent with Johanna enjoying Lullaby Yoga was very healing, nourishing, replenishing and revitalizing. I find her approach to artfully combining music and yoga encourages my nervous system to let go deeply, surrender into my breath and soften my entire being. It’s like combining the best things about being an infant, with the mystery and wisdom of adulthood…
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Alex King-Harris (A.K.A. Rara Avis)

CEO of YogiTunes | Music As Medicine

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can something so gentle work so well?

A: Although in our culture we have the mindset that "stronger, faster, stronger" is better, current research proves thevalue of restorative yoga for healing and rejuvenating your body, mind and soul.

Q: I usually have a hard time relaxing. Will this work for me?

A: Many people find that although they struggle to relax on their own, they can easily and deeply relax while being guided through soothing music and gentle instruction of Lullaby Yoga.

Q: I’m very busy. How much time does this take?

A: This series has been designed especially for people with busy schedules! Each Lullaby Lesson is less than 20 minutes.

Q: Is this good for children?

A: Although Lullaby Yoga is primarily a healing, self-care practice for adults, many parents find that their children love it too.

Q: I don’t have much room in my house - will I be able to do it?

A: You can do it in a very small bit of space inyour bedroom, living room - or you can even do it in bed!

Q: I already have a yoga practice I love. Why do I need this?

A: Most yoga practitioners love adding variety to their regular practice. Lullaby Yoga is great as a gentle heart-centered change of pace for times a more active practice may not feel right, especially when you feel tired, stressed or depleted, or when you are recovering from an illness.

Q: I already practice restorative yoga. What’s different about this?

A: In Lullaby Yoga, Johanna sings to you while you rest, allowing your whole being to more deeply relax so you can fully receive the healing benefits of the pose and the music.

Q: I have a medical condition. Can I do Lullaby Yoga?

A: Usually yes. Check first with your doctor to make sure gentle yoga is acceptable given your condition.

Leeza Villagomez
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Johanna’s intention is to make you feel your best, free, loved, and relaxed, and she does not disappoint. Imagine being serenaded in LOVE... Lullaby Yoga soothed my soul and softened my heart.
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Leeza Villagomez

Yoga Den Health Spa owner

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SPECIAL BONUS: SIGN UP NOW and get your special bonus: Free download of my album Beyond Love: Soothing Songs for the Soul. It contains much of the music I use in Lullaby Yoga classes, and is also beneficial for meditation and other relaxation and healing modalities.

Be Well,

Johanna Beekman

Johanna "OneHeart" Beekman, singer, songwriter, acclaimed performing and recording artist, creator of six albums, Certified YogaTeacher (E-RYT 500, YACEP) host of One Heart TV and founder of Shakti United and Lullaby Yoga.